So many changes, so much the same.

The Bamboo Bend Project is just days away. The 6th class starts this Saturday, May 6th and runs for 9 days.

There are many changes this year. The class will be held in the Lovells Township Hall, several new instructors will be joining us and the new President will have his ‘trial by fire’ (maybe not an actual trial by fire, more like a ‘discussion by porch light’),  we now have a donation button on our Facebook page and I will be stepping away from an official role.

Why is the class at the Lovells Township Hall? My wife and I sold the house on the AuSable river last July so the workshop where the previous 5 classes were held was no longer an option.  The Lovells Township Hall was brought up as a possible solution. The very wonderful folks in Lovells opened their hearts to the Project and we had a new home. Big thanks to Gary Neuman, Judy Jewel, and all the folks associated with Lovells.

The new President is Mark Mackey. Mark is a retired Marine LTC, former Bamboo Bend Project attendee, and one of those class act kind of guys you run across all too rarely. You owe it to yourself to get to know this guy. He really is that good a guy. So ….  enough of the ‘touchy-feely’ love fest stuff and let’s talk money.

Money. The lifeblood of an organization’s existence and all too often the biggest challenge. It seems like everyone has a charity they want you to donate to.  I get it. Donor fatigue is a real problem. And if you’re a volunteer it seems like you have to become a professional beggar.  I get it. Beggar fatigue is an issue. It is uncomfortable to put the squeeze on friends, neighbors and relatives for a good cause.  The one part of the entire project I dislike is asking for funds.


But the Bamboo Bend Project is providing hand crafted healing to heroes. For 9 days they build a bamboo rod they get to keep. The bamboo rod they build is physical proof they can accomplish something pretty special.  They do it in a team environment and at no financial cost to them.

So here it is. My begging pitch for money. Please donate. There is a “DONATE” button on the Facebook page.

Bamboo Bend Handcrafted Healing. Click on the link below to donate.