Bob Oster

For those that might not know, Bob Oster is the next door neighbor and long time friend of our Lead Instructor Ron Barch. Bob heard about Bamboo Bend from Ron and wanted to help. And help he did. Bob donates more than a week of his life every year to cook for the attendees and volunteers. He begins planning menus months in advance, handles all the shopping, preparation, serving and cleaning associated with feed a couple of dozen people twice a day for over a week. Bob’s efforts are a key and integral part of the Bamboo Bend Project.

If you have ever put on a multi-day event, especially if each day involves long hours, then you know the tremendous amount of work and dedication it takes to get the food right. And Bob gets the food very, very right.

Bob’s choral group put on a concert. Unknown to Bob, Bamboo Bend got Bob a plaque and Ron Barch presented the plaque to Bob at the concert.

Below is Bob’s reply (shared with his permission)

First, thank you so much for your kind words and the plaque presented at last Sunday’s concert. It was a complete surprise, unnecessary, but so gratifying. I appreciate everyone’s efforts who made it so. Thank you! I am proud to be a part of this project.

Secondly, after expenses were deducted, the choral society was able to write both Bamboo Bend and Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp checks for $839.00. I sent the check, along with a copy of the program, a copy of our 2015 program booklet, and one of our commemorative 30th anniversary plates to Bamboo Bend at the PO Box address in Grayling. All-in-all, a very successful concert, both musically and monetarily. Thanks for all you did to make the latter so. (I’m not giving you any credit for the musical part…!!)


Robert C. Oster, DMA

Artistic Director and Conductor

Lakewood Area Choral Society

If you are ever asked about volunteering and the why of doing it, the answer is simple. You get to meet people like Bob Oster and that makes your life better.

Thank you Bob.

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