Bamboo Bend Project May 7 – 15, 2016


207 days and counting until the 5th annual Bamboo Bend Project class. The dates for 2016 are May 7th thru May 15th.

Big changes happening here with Sheryl and I. There are also changes with the Bamboo Bend Project.

As you have probably heard by now, Sheryl and I are going to be full timing in our RV starting the middle November 2015 (yes, next month). Our plan is to sell the place here in Grayling and travel.

So how does this affect the Bamboo Bend Project? After much deliberation and discussion, Sheryl and I decided yesterday that we will keep the house here in Grayling until after the class next May. This means that the class will be held, as usual, in the workshop at Bamboo Bend. For Bob Oster the Hero, and Food Guy of Fame, this means the kitchen will be available as usual. We will keep all our kitchen stuff until after the class so, business as usual for the chow.

I am on board fully thru the fund raiser in June of 2016. I will not be available for the 2017 class. The workshop here at the house will also not be available for the 2017 class. After the 2016 class all BB equipment will be placed in storage here in Grayling and the key given, hopefully, to my replacement. Failing a replacement then I will give the key to another Board member. The BB Project is currently in decent financial shape and is expected to stay that way. My last day on the Bamboo Bend Board will be NLT July 1st of 2016. I have had my time at the oars and it is somebody else’s turn to row.Someone else will step up or not. If no one steps up, then it will be up to the Board to decide on how to proceed. My involvement past July 1st, 2016 is not possible. I will be glad to remain available via cell phone or email but that assumes cell coverage or an internet connection and that is not guaranteed.

Several people have contacted me wondering if there was some dark or "bad" reason for the change in my lifestyle. Thank you very much for your concern and I appreciate it greatly. It touched my heart to know that you care. Let me assure you that Sheryl and I are in excellent health, have our financial affairs in a good place and all is pretty much right with the world. We simply wish to enjoy life, travel and explore the country. Between Northern Michigan winters (enough!), a desire to catch fish all over the country, wear flip flops in February, and explore the country, we decided to travel.

Emails often fail to convey the proper emotional context. I assure you, all is well and we are looking forward to this great adventure with much anticipation and excitement. Please do not hesitate to call or email if you wish, I’m always glad to hear from you.

Victor Edwards

"The cure for anything is saltwater….sweat, tears or the sea." Isak Dinesen

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