Yes there are changes happening.

My lovely wife and I are selling our place in Grayling and going to RV full time. Looks like our departure date will be sometime late October to the middle of November, depending on weather, bird season and our moods and whims. One of the nice things about full-time RVing is the ability to move about as the mood strikes you.

So what about the Bamboo Bend Project? From the outside there won’t be much change. I have committed to staying 100% involved until after the fund raiser (Fathers Day) in June of 2016.

Amateurs study tactics, professionals study logistics. The logistics of this change are pretty simple. All the Bamboo Bend equipment goes into a storage unit. I arrange to rent a hall, garage, workshop, empty office or some such for about two weeks next May. We move the equipment into it, hold the class, put the equipment back into storage. No muss, no fuss.

We rent, or find, a suitable place to hold the fund raiser in June. No problem.

The instructors, the folks who fix the food for the fund raiser, pretty much everyone involved, are all on board. We (BB) are in pretty decent shape financially, and this should be no big deal.

Why am I doing this? Because I can. The wife and I love to travel and if we don’t take the leap now, we will probably never do so.

The ideal situation would be to find someone to at least shoulder surf me, if not work it fully, thru 2016 with an eye towards taking fully over next summer. We shall see. There a few feelers out put nothing definite yet.

As always, the one constant with this, and everything, concerning the Bamboo Bend Project is that it is about the veterans and nothing else.

As with most things, the rumors are incredibly off base and have little connection to reality. The easiest way to get the "straight skinny" is to simple ask. I’m glad to answer questions and welcome your feedback.

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