Bamboo Bend Project (BBP) Non-profit status

Since the beginning of the Bamboo Bend Project the local chapter of Trout Unlimited (Mason-Griffith) has been handling the money donated to us. This support is has been critical to our success and is deeply appreciated. It allowed donations to the Project to be tax deductible and provided a mechanism for accounting purposes to document the truth of our statement "Every penny donated to the Bamboo Bend Project goes to helping the veterans we serve."

The Chapter President at the time we began the BBP was Mark Hendricks. The current Chapter President is Karen Harrison. These two wonderful people entire Board of Directors for the Chapter have, and continue to be, gracious, supportive and very generous. A special thanks is owed to Mark Rais, the Chapter Treasurer for doing to ‘heavy lifting’ of handling donations, keeping the books and issuing checks. Mark’s help is another example of the extraordinary volunteer efforts that occur behind the scenes to make the BBP happen.

The time has come for the BBP to stand on its own as a separate and distinct non-profit. The reasons for this are many and varied and are all good. The papers to establish the 501.3.c (technical tax code talk for the type of non-profit we are establishing) will be sent off tomorrow and approval is expected in fairly short order.

So what does this mean to you? It means that your donations to the BBP will remain 100% tax deductible and that we will handle our own paperwork. Basically, the process is invisible to the average donor and makes things simpler.

I want to again thank, from the bottom of my heart, the Mason-Griffith Chapter of TU, their Board of Directors and especially Mark Rais, for the unflagging and extremely generous support for the last 3 years. The BBP would not, could not, have happened with their efforts.

Check out their website here: Mason Griffith Chapter


On Saturday, Feb 28th, 2015, we’ll be at the Grand Rivers Tyers event in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Stop by and say hello.

Check back often, as this blog gets going there will be more frequent updates, information and photos.

"Bamboo Bend – Handcrafted Healing for Heroes"

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